Vehicle Servicing1

Vehicle Servicing

Having your vehicle serviced by a skilled technician ensures that it will keep performing at its best. Our technicians at AJ Service Centre only use the best oils from Castrol, and components from Bosch to ensure all repairs meet the same high standards. We can perform logbook servicing for new vehicles, minor servicing and major servicing. For a quote on a service for your vehicle, or to arrange a booking, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

Brake and Clutch Repairs1

Brake and Clutch Repairs

Over time your brake and clutch components will wear and require maintenance and repairs. Our skilled team can repair your clutch so that it engages the power from your engine as efficiently as possible. We can also repair and replace brake components so that your brakes are as powerful and as safe, as possible. To book your vehicle in for brake or clutch repairs, contact us today.

Auto Electrical and Batteries1

Auto Electrical and Batteries

At AJ Service Centre, we are auto electrical specialists and can also supply and fit batteries for all makes and models. We only use the best quality batteries in our repairs which is why we only use batteries from Supercharge and from Bosch. In our workshop we have state of the art diagnostic and EFI tuning equipment, so we can find diagnostic faults and tune EFI systems to perform at their best. Our skilled team can also supply and fit Hiclone fuel saving devices to maximise efficiency and power output. For a quote on an auto electrical repair for your vehicle, or a new battery, contact AJ Service Centre today.


Steering and Suspension

AJ Service Centre are capable of repairing and servicing your steering components to get your car handling like new again. When your suspension components wear, your car won't handle as predictably and may drive harshly on the road. Our skilled team can also professionally align your steering, properly aligned steering improves fuel efficiency and ensures even tyre wear. For a quote on a steering and suspension repairs for your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Roadworthy Certificates1

Roadworthy Certificates

At AJ Service Centre we are a VicRoads licensed roadworthy inspector. This means that we are qualified to thoroughly inspect your vehicle to determine its safety for road use. Our experienced team will inspect a wide variety of components and can perform any repairs needed to attain a roadworthy certificate. To arrange a roadworthy inspection, contact us today.

Transmission 1

Transmission and Gearbox Repairs

Your transmission and gearbox require servicing and repairs which can be performed by our team. If your vehicle isn't shifting as smooth as it used to, or you're hearing whining noises while driving, you may be in need of transmission or gearbox repairs. For an assessment of your vehicle, please contact us.

Air Conditioner Repairs1

Air Conditioner Repairs

Considering the great variance in weather that we experience in Melbourne, having a functioning air conditioner is vital for driving in comfort. If your air conditioner isn't keeping you cool or warm enough, drop into our workshop to speak with our team about how we can get it working at its best. To find out more, contact us.

Exhaust Repairs1

Exhaust Repairs and Replacement

At AJ Service Centre, we can also supply and fit exhausts for all makes and models. Your exhaust is responsible for dispelling gases from the motor, how efficiently it does this impacts heavily upon the power output of your car. If your exhaust is rattling or producing more noise than normal, contact us today to arrange a quote on an exhaust repair.

Pre Purchase Inspections1

Pre Purchase Inspections

When purchasing a second hand vehicle, it can be incredibly unpredictable knowing the condition of the vehicle without having a professional mechanic assess it. Our technicians can perform pre purchase inspections to provide you with information all about the vehicle. Take the risk out of buying a second hand car, contact us today about a pre purchase inspection.



Along with all of our wide range of mechanical repairs, our team can professionally fit windscreens for all makes and models. Driving with a cracked windscreen is a visual hazard, it can also affect the structural integrity of the windscreen making the vehicle unsafe. To arrange a quote on a windscreen, contact us today.