Welcome to AJ Service Centre

At AJ Service Centre, we have been providing Coburg, Brunswick, Preston and surrounding suburbs with high quality automotive repairs, for over 30 years. Our many years within the industry have allowed us to develop the skills to professionally perform a wide variety of mechanical car repairs. As an IAME member for over 25 years and VACC member for 10 years, you can be confident that you will be treated respectfully and all repairs carried will be to the highest standard.

We are also tyres specialists so we can help you with new tyres, wheel alignment and wheel balancing. 

Our workshop is a true one stop shop for your car and we use the latest tools and equipment. Our car mechanics are VicRoads licensed roadworthy inspectors. So whether it's a minor mechanical service, through to major mechanical repairs, tyres and wheel alignment, we strive for excellence and this can be noted in the quality of workmanship in our repairs and our loyal customer base. A large portion of our customers are passed on through referrals which is a testament to our ability to exceed our customers' expectations. To find out more about our workshop capabilities, or to arrange a booking, please don't hesitate to contact us


AJ Service Centre are a Bosch Service partner and exclusively use high quality Bosch components in our repairs. Bosch components are known for their reliability and quality, they have a long history and strong reputation in the automotive industry.